LAUREL, NJ – The President of Preeminent Solutions, CJ, formally announced his new office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Brenard will be leading the new team, and CJ discussed what makes Pittsburgh an ideal city for expansion.

Brenard has been a part of Team Preeminent Solutions for many years now, and has always been a positive leader. CJ shared Brenard is one of the reasons that the morale at the firm has always been so positive, and why the team is so unified. Brenard has been working closely with CJ, learning how to embody all the values that have made the company so successful. These ideals, along with a passion for continued education, will be the foundation that the Pittsburgh office will be built on.

Pittsburgh can truly benefit from the clean energy revolution that Preeminent Solutions represents, stated CJ. The city is already adopting more and more ideals for renewable energy and embracing sustainable practices that will help make the world a better place. The smart energy industry provides over 66,000 jobs across Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh is leading the charge on this wave of change. In fact, Mayor Bill Peduto joined an alliance of over 100 cities committing to solar and wind power, and has publicly stated his commitment to following the guidelines of the Paris Agreement.

Expansion Leads to Career Opportunities With Preeminent Solutions

With Brenard taking several top producers with him to Pittsburgh, and the projected growth that will take place at both offices, CJ and Brenard are both looking forward to hiring several new team members for each Preeminent Solutions office. Obviously both leaders want to find those with a passion for a cleaner greener future to join the team, and would appreciate talking to anyone with work history in the field. However, soft skills like knowing how to work with a team and being a people person are more important than experience, thanks to the comprehensive training system both Brenard and CJ employ.

Using one-on-one coaching, workshops, and hands-on learning techniques, new hires are quickly brought up to speed on Preeminent Solutions’ techniques. Along with the in-house program, associates are also invited to conferences and seminars where business leadership from across the country (and sometimes even farther) come to share their knowledge on clean energy and outreach strategies. Not only are these trips educational, but they’re a great way for team members to relax and get to know one another on a more personal level than they can during the busy pace of a normal work week.

Both Pittsburgh and Laurel present incredible opportunities for Preeminent Solutions. CJ and Brenard both invite potential candidates to visit the company’s website to learn more about joining the team.

About Preeminent Solutions Inc.:
Preeminent Solutions’ associates are the voices who carry the message of clean wind energy into the community. The firm is a respected marketing and consulting arm of renewable energy companies in the Mt. Lauren region. It’s known for fresh outreach techniques that inspire the public to take action. By making it easier and more affordable than ever for consumers and businesses to choose renewable energy, the team has gained a reputation for their positive impact on the community and the planet. Their passion is evident in all they do. Follow their success by visiting

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