LAUREL, NJ – CJ, President of Preeminent Solutions, announced that the firm will competing with other offices to travel Haiti in September. If they qualify, team members will be living out the mission of the firm by bringing clean energy options to those who need them most.

Everyone on Team Preeminent Solutions joined the organization because they were excited about making an impact on the world, and for many this trip to Haiti will be one of the most significant events of their lives. According to CJ, not only is it a chance for associates to be a force for change in the global community, but it’s a way for the firm to live up to its mission statement as well.

Before trekking to Haiti though, all Preeminent Solutions offices will be converted to clean energy. Then, the top-performing teams will be headed south to make a collective impact in partnership with the firm’s client. One of the leading green energy providers in the country, this client is determined to double down on their efforts and do their part to address the climate change issues that are currently plaguing our world.

Many Travel Opportunities at Preeminent Solutions

There are several business trips that Preeminent Solutions associates can take throughout the year. For example, team members attend leadership retreats and networking events on a regular basis, listening to keynote speakers and sharing best practices with other rising stars in customer acquisitions. These supplement the firm’s in-house training initiatives to ensure associates are prepared to represent Inspire Energy in the marketplace.

There are also trips to other high-performing offices for cross-training purposes. According to CJ, these allow executives to get hands-on with innovative techniques being used successfully in other cities that they can bring back to Preeminent Solutions HQ. This knowledge is then used to inspire team members to greater creativity in creating campaigns in the Philadelphia market.

Select associates also get the chance to investigate new markets for potential expansion opportunities. These top producers are so well-versed in the firm’s methods that they can scout out new cities and identify the areas that are most ready to embrace Inspire Energy’s low-carbon energy options.

Of course, as exciting as these travel options are, CJ notes that the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Haiti is easily the most exciting trip Preeminent Solutions has planned this year. The chance to make such a dramatic impact on the area is why CJ got into this business in the first place, and he’s also excited to enjoy the natural splendor of this tropical destination.

About Preeminent Solutions Inc.:
Preeminent Solutions’ associates are the voices who carry the message of clean wind energy into the community. The firm is a respected marketing and consulting arm of renewable energy companies in the Mt. Lauren region. It’s known for fresh outreach techniques that inspire the public to take action. By making it easier and more affordable than ever for consumers and businesses to choose renewable energy, the team has gained a reputation for their positive impact on the community and the planet. Their passion is evident in all they do. Follow their success by visiting

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