Engaging the Pittsburgh Region

In 2017, Pittsburgh began an initiative to go green. Now, two years later, we are adding to the conversation about clean energy technology and renewable resources. We are passionate about making the world a better place and teaching people how to help the environment by making changes in their home. We are excited to work with the community in Pittsburgh and expand the Preeminent Solutions brand.

Brenard leads the charge.

Brenard will be leading the team in Pittsburgh. He has worked with CJ closely and is confident that he can set the same foundation in Pittsburgh as in New Jersey. Our goal forever remains the same: create action for a greener, cleaner future. The expansion to the Pittsburgh region ensures we are able to deliver our solutions to a larger audience.

As our team grows we welcome new talent. Learn more about the many ways our team benefits.

Awards at Preeminent Solutions, Inc.

We’re excited to discover and work with ambitious, passionate people.


“The skills you learn to communicate are PRICELESS. The people in the office helped me assimilate quickly and I now feel more confident.”

“The company motto is to build young leaders from this generation to be strong members of society. It is clear the company’s foundation was built on developing people.”

“You will have a lot of responsibility in and outside of the office. You get experience managing a group of people and developing their marketing skills. You also get experience in the fundamentals of running a corporation.”