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Help Us Create a Better Future

Our firm is devoted to the greatest challenge facing our planet today – climate change. As we strive to create a better future, we’re excited to meet and bring other forward-thinking, passionate people into our firm. As a team, we know we’ll succeed because we value integrity, creativity, and commitment.

We hope you’ll share yours with us.

Get the Keys to Success

For us, learning and support are the keys to success. That’s why our managers begin their careers at entry level, learn about our processes, then advance upward. As new team members master their skills, they pay it forward by mentoring and training others. It’s a cycle of coaching and rewards that keeps us passionate about achieving new success every day.

Join Forces with Preeminent Solutions

Our team has expanded the Inspire reach across the East coast; our next move is pushing
renewable energy efforts West

Unlock Your Professional Potential

We are fiercely committed to delivering everything our team members need to succeed at every step of their professional journey. Here are just a few of the opportunities for advancement our team can seize through hard work and passion:

Brand Expert

Our contractors receive personalized coaching and support to learn business basics. It all begins here, from customer communications and acquisition to excellence of service.

Team Lead

Our focus on training for leadership roles is all about how to help others. We teach innovative principles for mentorship that emphasize strategies for guiding and developing teammates.

Account Manager

In this role, people deliver knowledge, inspiration, and motivation. As experienced coaches dedicated to expanding our team, they create our newest brand experts.

Assistant Manager

Our assistant managers focus on creating thriving business operations. They concentrate their history of learning, training, and business development in areas that include budgeting, hiring, and more.


As the pinnacle of leadership, Owners demonstrate excellence and expertise in all areas of business operations. Their accomplishments in creating growth and sustaining profitability are unparalleled.

Awards at Preeminent Solutions, Inc.

Making Your Future

We’re excited to find motivated, passionate people who care about a better future. Are you one of them? If so, you’ll love our development and training, which deliver the energetic support you need to embrace our mission and start making a difference. From coaching to networking opportunities, we’ll open every door for you – but taking the first step is up to you. Get started today with Preeminent Solutions.

Preeminent Solutions Helps You Speak Out forSmart Energy

We’re inspired by the promise of a cleaner, greener future. The world needs amazing people who share that passion – and so do we. Join us if you’d like to take action to reach your career potential while speaking out to change the world. We’d love to hear from you. Learn more about us by sharing your résumé with us at